S.A.M. Assembly 8

St. Louis MO

2nd & 4th Thursdays

7:30 PM to 9:00 PM


St. Louis Activity Center 

(Senior Center)

5602 Arsenal, St

St. Louis, MO 63139


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2012,  2013,

2014, 2015

Next Event: June 22nd - Member's Workshop

June 8th - Lecture Ken Dyne

Ken Dyne

His Book Test!

Mr. Golden Balls performance.

If you missed out on the lecture, find his products here!

May 25th - Elections/Lecture Children's Magic

Member Lecture "Entertaining Children"!
First performer and panel member was Jeff Lefton from Abra-Kid-Abra. Silly Jilly w/trained skunk?
Spider eating gone wild! Panel discussion followed the show and many questions were answered.
Harry Monti

A long-time Member & Board Member, Bronze, Silver & Gold Medalist, Magic Endowment Fund, Inc., National President 1999-2000, Invited to perform at Magic Castle for a record 52 years and counting, etc.

Harry is a Life member of the National S.A.M.

Steve Barcellona presented him with a Life Membership of Assembly 8.

At-a-boy Harry!

May 11th - Close-up Magic Extravaganza

Apr 27th - Rope Night

Apr 29th - Broken Wand - Mike O'Dowd at 5pm

Apr 13th - Lecture John Mendoza

Mar 23rd - Lecture Vinny Grosso

March 9th - The Monte Meeting

February 23rd - Mini Flea Market / Members Perform

February 11th - Comedy Magic at Cicero's

November 10th  - Send a description

October 27th  - Flea Market/Steve Daly Lecture

Brian got a Guillotine! Steve Daly gave us another great lecture full of comedy and ideas we can put to use!

October 13th  - Sandwiches with Larry

Larry Lucy showed and taught a few of his favorite sandwich effects.

October 1st  - Comedy Magic and Cocktails - Cicero's

September 22nd - Round Robin

September 8th - Coin Magic Palooza


August 11th - Silk Night

Meeting was good, Sandy giving report. Several Videos were watched.


July 14th NO MEETING


June 23rd, Meeting


June 9th, Standup Magic


May 26th, Alain Nu Lecture

Everyone paid close attention to Alain Nu's Lecture. Not just another Nu Book!
Alain Nu in St. Louis! Mentalism at it's best...

Most Pictures by Steve Barcellona

May 12th, Meeting

April 28th, Meeting - "Game Night"

Randy says, Let the Games Begin! Steve Barcellona Chad Jacobs
Justin Panuski Chuck Levy Larry Lucy
Eric Bosworth John Apperson Joey Night
Sandy Weis Joey Night Send me a name...
Columbus Smith

After the games, we had members perform! 1st up was -

The Great Todd - The Worlds Slowest card trick and Genetics.

Joey Night Paul Rygelski Larry Lucy - An expert with cards!

April 14th, Meeting - "Good Times"

March 24th, Meeting

March 10th, we will have a new home!


Feb. 25th - Magic AUCTION - Great turnout. Lots of bargains! Thanks to our Auctioneers Steve Barcellona and Columbus Smith. Dick Blowers came as usual to work the sales with Dan Todd, though his wife, Mary-Ann could not make it this year. She is a great supporter of S.A.M. National as well as Assembly 8. we hope you are feeling better.

Feb. 11th - Impromptu Magic

January  28th - This week's meeting Columbus covered a classic piece of magic, the Chop Cup. Members and visitors brought a deck of cards and Steve Finkelstein taught his favorite poker deal, complete with outs. A practice session followed. While everyone had cards in hand, Jesse showed us how to spin one on our finger tip.  Zi  rounded out the evening with a mini-lecture on the psychology behind magic effects.



January  14th - Meeting - No information or photos - please send in some information, thanks.


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